Arpillera Jacket with hood

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Handmade in Peru.

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Amazing traditional peruvian art! This is a beautiful arpillera jacket made in Peru. It is made of 100% Wool in a stunning shade of Yellow. The characters and objects have been embroidered or stuffed with cotton and sewn to the arpillera, creating a unique 3D effect.

Look at all the details that are shown : Animals, plants, etc, it is really wonderful. Many hours were needed in order to produce such work. Bright colors and beautiful details make of this work a unique piece of folk art!

Size 2 Measures: 12.5 inches from the neck down (approx)
Size 4 Measures: 14 inches from the neck down (approx)
Size 6 Measures: 16 inches from the neck down (approx)
Size 8 Measures: 18 inches from the neck down (approx)

Arpillera Jacket with hood
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